We are a registered non-profit that has been working in harmony with nature in Tamil Nadu, India since 1985. We are a top-ranked NGO on Global Giving and have been awarded Guidestar India’s transparency key.

Our mission is to empower the disadvantaged, including women, young people, people with disabilities, those devastated by natural disasters, and parentless or vulnerable children. Our goals are social justice, economic revitalization, and environmental transformation.

We find that sustainable organic farming is often the key to achieving all three: by producing more nutritious and abundant crops, it provides farmers with a reliable income that helps agribusinesses thrive. This, in turn, enables parents to pay school fees for their children or to purchase needed treatment for any mentally or physically challenged family members. At the same time it stabilizes the soil and is more drought- and wind-resistant (thus reducing the impact of natural disasters); keeps pesticide toxins out of the air and water; reduces reliance on fossil fuels; and enhances biodiversity. The community wins and the planet wins.

A picture of two girls picking weeds and smiling.

Wherever possible, we work with collectives and activist groups such as Women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs), Farmer’s Forums, Youth Associations, Children’s Clubs, Disabled People’s Organizations, Human Rights Groups, and Unorganized Worker’s Associations. Empowering these self-help groups achieves effective grassroots change and promotes self-reliance.

A group of people sitting around and smiling.

We work in 384 villages in the Tiruchirapalli – Perambalur – Thanjavur Districts and conduct outreach programmes in parts of the Ariyalur – Nagapattinam – Karur and Ramnad Districts. We also network in all 32 Districts in Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Puducherry (Pondicherry).

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