Featured this month

Nalanda Jogkelar, who lives in Pune, near Mumbai, began volunteering with VOICE Trust in June, when she was furloughed from her job as CEO of a local non-profit. She helped set up our new website, organized our new shared drive on G Suite, manages grant applications, and helps with new project development. As you can probably tell, she’s becomes an indispensable part of the VOICE Trust team.

Fun fact: In 2011, Nalanda walked across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia – all 1000 kms of it – as a part of an international expedition.

Learn more about Nalanda’s interests and experience: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nalanda-joglekar/

Our other talented volunteers

  • Betty Guan, USA: writer and researcher
  • George Chrysochou, Cypress: Google Ads consultant
  • Isabella Santoro and : website design assistants
  • Jill Hinckley, USA: International Affairs Coordinator
  • Kiki Chang, China: web research
  • Kimberly Farbota, USA: writer and Global Giving manager
  • Prathik Krish__, India: online listings manager and financial consultant
  • Rocio Figueroa, USA: social media manager
  • Subhi Karthikeyan, USA: Tamil translator
  • Vipula Sail, India: website manager