In 1998, the Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu chose VOICE Trust to organize Students Environment Groups in Trichy District. Since then, we have worked with more than a thousand teacher coordinators to teach the next generation how the quality of the environment affects their lives and the health of the planet and what they can do to protect and enhance it.

Planting trees and managing waste are the cornerstones of our work to protect the environment, and we try to inspire school children to make both a lifeline habit.  The two are interconnected, since teaching how to segregate biowaste from other trash in order to use it for compost and mulch is central to our eco-friendly strategy.  

People taking care of the earth and taking care of the plants.

Our activities have included:

  • teaching tens of thousands of school children how trees can purify the air and slow global warming;
  • distributing neem, thulasi and other saplings to them and teaching them how to grow them using sustainable agricultural practices;  
  • enlisting their help in distributing thousands of cloth bags to replace the plastic ones in common use as part of our Message on Wheels program, and in community clean-up programs