Our Global Village: Nivar Cyclone Recovery

Global Giving feature

Global Giving, our invaluable crowdfunding partner, chose our work for Nivar Cyclone recovery to feature in their recent report illustrating how effective donations to their South Asia Flood Relief Fund were being used. Global Giving gave us a $1000 grant from this fund, to which almost 200 people donated almost $200,000. As if that weren’t enough, we received another $2400 through the brilliant work of Divya Balakrishnan, an energetic Tamizh now living in the US who wanted to help those afflicted in her former homeland. Divya ran an online fundraiser for our project in conjunction with the yoga classes she teaches online and managed to raise a whopping $1200 for us — which, astoundingly, she was then able to double by making the donation via a friend whose employer agreed to match what she gave!

Hands joining together virtually around the globe in this way made it possible for us to save dozens of women and revitalize their communities. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!