Disaster Relief

Providing emergency rations and urgently needed supplies

Climate change has exacerbated the cyclones, floods, landslides, and droughts that have always plagued India, resulting in devastation unseen in living memory.

Events such as the floods in Chennai and Cuddalore and the Gaja and Nivar cyclone left more than a million Tamilz without shelter or the necessities of daily life. In the spring of 2021, many farmers faced a level of drought not seen in a hundred years.

What we do to help

We provide emergency rations and urgently needed supplies to families affected by disasters, including clothing, sanitary napkins and diapers, and school supplies for children.

At the same time, we have provided many families with goats to supplement their livelihood.

Additionally, we have provided some villagers with sewing machines for tailoring, and others with bee-keeping equipment and supplies or boats and materials such as fishing nets.

In the meantime, we are also teaching local farmers how to use sustainable, climate-resilient agricultural techniques that will them better survive the next disaster.