Friendship Children’s Home

Caring for parent-less and vulnerable children.

Friendship Children’s Home began its journey in 2006, caring for 15 children in Siraganur. The orphanage now has a total of approximately 30 children who are all studying at school. With continued external support, we are able to provide them with housing, nutrition, healthcare and education.

VOICE Trust ensures that children have a chance to enrich and use their education through games and activities. With the help of volunteers, we have been able to celebrate special events like Deepavali and Independence Day with the children. For these celebratory holidays, we believe it is important that everyone has the opportunity to participate and celebrate how they see fit in safe places with materials that reflect their beliefs and opinions.

VOICE Trust is also committed to helping the children learn how to plant and nurture their plants as a way for them to care for the environment. We believe educating the children on environmental issues will encourage them to make better choices in the future and instill a strong sense of personal responsibility for our planet.

In 2016, volunteers from France started an ecological agriculture garden with the children of Friendship Children’s Home. This initiative has benefited the children and has allowed them to grow their own crops.

Our primary goal is to ensure these children are cared for in a nurtured, loving environment whilst filling them with knowledge and creating enough confidence in themselves so that they can go on to flourish in the future.