Networks & Partners

We collaborate on:

Integrated Farming for poison-free food production, ecological biodiversity, economic sustainability, empowerment of farming people and healthy life for all in collaboration with agriculturists, government , NGOs, civil society organizations and other stakeholders.
Student environmental groups (such as National Green Corps/ Eco Clubs) in the schools of Trichy District for clean and green life, pollution-free air and water, recycling, green cover through tree planting in schools, at home and in villages, including projects such as Our Earth-Our Future.
Empowerment of differently-abled Persons (physically disabled or mentally challenged) through CBR and, if need be, institutional approaches such as inclusive education, home-based therapy, medical treatment, aids and appliances, income-generating enterprises and rights initiatives in collaboration with government and NGOs. (Rights of physically challenged, mentally retarded/mentally ill) by disabled people’s organizations: campaign, advocacy and lobbying.
Integrated development of children in need and at risk the under Joy to Children Program of AEM as well as VOICE and Technical Education of Rural Adolescents under Support to Children in AEM.
Special Note: Since, AEM has expressed inability to continue supports from 2017, VOICE Trust has approached agencies and individuals for continuing children’s home and youth skills programs.
People’s organizations dealing with self-help groups (SHGs), for example, SHGs of women, farmers, agricultural workers, unorganized laborers and differently-abled persons including physically disabled and mentally challenged people. Programs for the mentally challenged address problems such as personality developments, family improvements, community development, economic achievement, social gradation and rights action for integrated empowerments. Services are provided to all disadvantaged people without any discrimination. Our focus in this area is on rights and responsibilities.
Emancipation of affected and afflicted widows, destitute people, displaced persons, aged people and terminally ill persons (such as those afflicted with HIV / AIDS) through relevant interventions in collaboration with appropriate government departments, NGOs, and civil society organizations.

We collaborate with:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: LEISA Tamil Nadu, Kudumbam, AMEF, IOFM.

  • Natural Resources: TNEC (Tamil Nadu Environment Council).

  • Human Rights: HRF, AREDS, Panchayati Raj, People’s Watch.

  • Women Collectives / Child Rights: (Rights of Vulnerable Groups).

  • Biodiversity / Environment: NEAC (MOEF) & RRA – PEACE Trust.

  • Eco Farming Enterprises: IVI (Iyarkai Velaan Inaiyam – A Forum for Eco Farming).