Empowerment for the Differently Abled

Outreach, equipment and therapy.

Disability keeps millions of people in India from achieving their full potential.

Challenges posed by lack of financial resources and accessible infrastructure keep eager children from being able to attend school, play with friends and enjoy an independent existence.

Disabled adults face drastically limited employment opportunities and are largely dependent on family and friends.

How we help

For more than two decades, VOICE Trust has worked in close cooperation with the government and with the support of our international partners to empower thousands of physically or mentally challenged adults and children by providing physical and emotional therapy in conjunction with hearing aids, wheelchairs, braces, and other needed assistive devices. 

For example, until we provided needed physiotherapy and purchased a wheelchair for him, 7-year-old Sanjay was unable to go to school or even get to the toilet without having his friends drag him on a board to the nearest toilet 1 km away.  Now he can perform these and other tasks on his own, and has been able to join the society around him with dignity and pride.

We also continue to fight for the legislative and social changes that will eliminate the physical barriers and personal prejudices that keep the differently-abled from enjoying the dignity and equal opportunities they deserve. 

No contribution is small when it comes to bringing back a smile on the child’s face.