Our Mission Statement

We use a nature-centric approach to promote economic and personal wellbeing for all, regardless of caste, ethnicity, income, gender, or mental or physical challenges.

We will continue to collaborate with government departments to give farming communities poison-free food, an eco-friendly life, a pollution-free environment, and economic sustainability for all. While our mission statement speaks loud, our actions speak louder. A donation to VOICE Trust helps continue our work.


Enhancement of ecological biodiversity for empowerment of farming communities including marginal farmers and landless agricultural laborers and for consumption of poison-free food and other organic products for a healthy life.
Natural resource management for environmental protection for pure air, good water and salubrious life through ecological bio-diversity and planting and managing trees of all kinds.
Economic development of the marginalized and the disadvantaged people without any discrimination of creed, caste, gender, language, region, etc.
Basic health care for women, children, aged and other vulnerable sections preferably more with preventive measures and medical interventions that are nature centric.
Rights of Children (especially the orphans, working children and girl children) with focus on four basic Rights of United Nations CRC of 1989, to life, protection, development, participation, and also right to education.
Empowerment of disabled children, disabled adults and mentally ill persons for inclusion of differently-abled persons with rights perspectives under the slogan “Disabled Rights are Human Rights”.

Specific Objectives

To increase awareness among the people about the need to lead a nature-centric life not only for economic empowerment but also for preserving ecological bio-diversity and for protecting the environment for the good of the present and future generations.
To facilitate formation of people’s organizations such as women’s self-help groups (SHGs), farmer’s forums, youth associations, children’s clubs, disabled people’s organizations, human rights groups, and unorganized worker’s associations, for rights and for responsibilities.
To enable empowerment of all the people irrespective of caste, creed, language, race or region, especially the disadvantaged, the displaced and the other weaker sections including women, children, the aged, the disabled and the terminally ill persons including the AIDS Patients.
To work through self -help initiatives, cooperative action for economic development, for a life of synergy and social justice for sustainable development of all. Goals include gender justice through women’s rights; child rights with special focus on working children; livelihood rights for the landless laborers and other unorganized sectors; security rights for the working class; and rights for the disadvantaged including rights of disabled people and rights of rural adolescents.
To work towards improving life orientation and employability for poverty stricken households, especially in rural areas, and urban- and semi-urban slum localities where people struggle for survival in sub-human living conditions.
To increase participation of the general public in community development activities especially in Panchayati Raj Movement through election of women in the three-tier system.
To enhance relief and rehabilitation programs with government, NGOs, other stakeholders in areas affected by tsunamis, cyclones, floods, and other natural emergencies.