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VOICE Trust is a trusted non-profit organization that has served the marginalized populations of Tamil Nadu for almost 40 years. We have proven ourselves to be one of the best charities in the region for:

  • effectiveness
  • reliability
  • transparency
  • compassion

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We rely on the support of individuals world-wide who share our vision of achieving social justice and economic equality by means of planet-friendly, sustainable, organic farming.

No donation is too small: little by little, a little becomes a lot.

VOICE Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees

The board members are:

Mrs. A. Jecintha, D.C.D., – Managing Trustee

Mrs. Jancy Quintal, B.A., – Financial Trustee

Mrs. R. Meenakshi, B.A., B.Ed., – Trustee

The following are members of the VOICE-Trust Advisory Board

Mr. G. Nammalwar

Mrs. J. Subatra

Mr. S. NoorMohamed

Mrs. S. Kausalya

Mr. N. Gopalakrishnan