Empowering People with Disabilities: A Success Story

Since our activities have slowed down somewhat due to the current COVID crisis, we’d like to tell you about another success story resulting from our past activities relating to our work with People with Disabilities (PwD).

Annakilli was born into a family of six which was economically struggling at the time of her birth. When diagnosed with polio, her parents incorrectly gave her fever medicine without previous consultation of their doctor, resulting in her having to walk with crutches as a baby. Coming from a large family who struggled to make ends meet, she could not receive the proper care and treatment. Due to this, she faced many hardships both at home and in school, as her parents made her study as any other child despite her difficulties.

VOICE Trust taught her tailoring and raised money for her to set up a small shop. By helping her reach her full potential, VOICE Trust gave her the self-confidence to live a happy and full life.

Today, Annakilli resides in Mannachannalur Taluk, Trichy, where she runs her business and lives with her loving husband and two children. She also now heads a differently-abled group for other people with disabilities in Amaravati, where she helps to inspire others to do the same.

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