Most modern adults, including those in Tamil Nadu, were raised in a world where fossil fuels, coal-burning, and industrialized farming techniques were not just ubiquitous, but the presumptive backbone of a successful society. As a result, far too many people fail to appreciate the extent to which practices must evolve to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

What were doing to help

To ensure the next generation has a firm grasp on not only what is at stake, but what can be done to help, VOICE Trust conducts tree-planting programs in local schools. Over the past 14 years, we have helped to bring environmental education to 37,600 schoolchildren, with help of 1030 Teacher Coordinators. Presently, VOICE Trust is directly responsible for facilitating environmental education and action programs for 2000 students in 50 schools, with help of 50 Teacher Coordinators. Our workshops focus on climate change, including the causes and impacts, and the power of trees to mitigate potential impacts.

One of our goals is to acquaint students with the various types of trees, their special properties, and the degree to which they remove carbon dioxide from the air. Thulasi and neem, for example, have the capacity to purify air. Trees like pungai and banyan help cool the environment, palm trees are useful for storing water, and moringa can purify water, shade crops, and provide supernutrients. Understanding both the immediate and long-term benefits trees provide incentives the children to nurture their trees.