Greening Tamil Nadu

An exponential increase in plantations, agricultural land, and dams has led to widespread deforestation in India, resulting in more farming pests, disruption of rainfall patterns, rising temperatures, and decreased air quality.

To combat this, the Greening Tamil Nadu project was created.

What we’re doing to help

With the help of the Greening Tamil Nadu project, launched in 2011, in collaboration with the Japanese Government and India’s Department of Forestry, we have helped farmers and schoolchildren plant 1.3 million trees over the past 25 years, through:

Creating forest fields

Trees use CO2 to build their trunks, branches, roots, and leaves; they are natural carbon absorbers. One acre of new forest can sequester approximately  2.5 tons of carbon annually.

VOICE Trust is working with motivated local governments and farmers to establish dedicated forrest fields and combat greenhouse gas emissions. Fifteen townships in Tamil Nadu have joined in on the effort to plant thousands of trees in dedicated spaces. 

Our united goal is to ensure a healthy and 
sustainable environment for future generations.  

Tree planting in schools

Educating school children about the ways in which trees improve the environment has both immediate and long-term impacts.

VOICE Trust conducts regular workshops in local schools to instill an appreciation of the environment in the next generation while providing kids with the knowledge necessary to both successfully plant new trees and understand the positive impacts of their actions.

In these workshops, VOICE Trust staff teach school children how to properly nurture tree saplings, and to calculate the carbon absorption of mature trees.