COVID restrictions has plunged millions of smallholder farmers into financial crisis – most have lost a whole season’s income, and as they try to prepare for the next harvest, they are finding that the prices of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides have skyrocketed.

As an NGO committed to kickstarting economic recovery in Tamil Nadu, VOICE Trust has been supplying destitute farmers with non-GMO seeds that can be banked for future seasons, along with natural pest repellents that are non-toxic for both farmers and customers, and nutrient-rich manures that produce abundant crops.

Women have been especially hard hit by the COVID crisis. Many who grow their own produce traditionally sell it from a blanket spread by a hot dusty road, where the heat is so intense they can’t start till 4 in the afternoon, even though they have to quit at twilight.

Now, with street traffic drastically reduced, even that meager living has been denied them.

With your help, we can buy them mobile food carts to allow them to take produce wherever they can sell it: in common market areas, hawking it as she walks up and down the street, and stopping at the homes of past customers.

Because we will train the women carefully in hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing, their ability to deliver food door to door can even help slow the spread of COVID-19 by allowing their customers to avoid potential contagion when they go out to shop.