Goats for Cyclone Nivar Recovery Update

A while before the resurgence of COVID in India, we were able to deliver some bags of corn to the widows we had given goats for Nivar Cyclone recovery. Since a long dry spell had made grazing difficult, they needed the corn for fodder. We used the corn distribution as an occasion to visit with these women and see how their goats were helping them recover from Cyclone Nivar.

Unfortunately, two of the goats took had been sick, but the veterinarian was able to cure them. The women shared tips with each other on how to keep the goats healthy during the warmer weather. They were very happy to receive the corn, which they knew would make a big difference in their lives.

Four of the women had purchased another goat for breeding. Our whole team was thrilled by this unexpected turn of events, which, in the future, will certainly multiply the women’s earnings.

One woman, Selvi, explained the difference that the goats made in her life: “I am 54 years old. My husband is paralyzed and bedridden. I am going for daily wage job. This goat will be of much help to me. I did not receive any supports from the Government for my husband. But, I will rear the goat well and I have a confidence to get Rs. 15000 per year as an income and it will be helpful for me to run the family and buy medicines for my husband. My daughter wants to join a tailoring course and now I can pay fees for that. Myself and my family are thankful for this help.”

Though the corn distribution marks the end of our Cyclone Nivar recovery efforts, we will be checking back with the women over the next year to evaluate the success of this project.