Grim News: The Second COVID Wave in India

A case of grim news- India has been reeling from its second wave of COVID-19. More than 300 000 new cases per day have brought the total number of cases to more than 18 million, completely overwhelming the healthcare system.

In Tamil Nadu, almost all districts have a positive rate of over 15%, with over 17 000 fresh cases daily. The state government has imposed a night curfew, closed down all non-essential businesses and facilities, like gyms, and ordered a complete lockdown on Sundays. Grocery stores and transportation services are allowed to operate at a limited capacity.

While we evaluate the best way we can help, VOICE Trust has put a moratorium on all field activities. Even though we have to present this grim news, there is something that you, or anyone else in the world, can do to help people affected by COVID in Tamil Nadu and all regions of India.

Non-profit GiveIndia has launched a mission to create COVID care centers and to boost the oxygen supply to people affected by the second COVID wave and charitable hospitals in India. You can support their effort by donating to As of now, GiveIndia has raised over ₹4.4 billion ($60 million US) from over a million donors. If possible, do your part today and help India fight and recover from the deadly effects of coronavirus.